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Pedro Perigault
El famoso Barbero
Primo Hermano de Antonio Bolivar
Perigault Burgos



Grandson of Pedro Perigault
and Son of Emma Marcela
Perigault Fernandez
Ramon Ivan Paredes Perigault

Ramon Ivan Paredes Perigault /
Doña Luz Cordoba

Emma Judith Paredes
(hija de Ramon Ivan Paredes Perigault)

Descendiente: Pedro Perigault

Sonia Perigault Palm,
y su hijo:
Fabian Falconette Perigault

Fabian Falconette Perigault


Daughter of Pedro Perigault

Left: Emma Marcela Perigault Fernandez
(Born: 18-07-1901)

Right: a relative or friend

Handwrite of Emma Marcela
Perigault Fernandez

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Left: Emma Marcela Perigault Fernandez , born in Panamá 18-07-1901 and died in
Los Angeles 19-12-1991. She married Mr. Raul Paredes Bosques and right: Sonia Perigault Palm

Emma Marcela Perigault Fernandez a daughter of Pedro Perigault (the son of Pedro Perigault Paredes,  a brother of Saturnino Perigault Paredes)     
"See family Tree"

Emma Marcela Perigault Fernandez /
Sonia Perigault Palm
(Daughter of Hilarión Arturo Perigault Núñez)


Emma Marcela
Perigault Fernandez




 Pulsa aqui  Pulsa aqui              Pulsa aqui
                                                                  Hilarión Arturo Perigault Núñez
Descendants of Pedro Perigault  "El famoso Barbero"                   

Top row: Brittany Gaitan, Lucas Paredes
Center row: Doña Luz Cordoba, Don Ramon Paredes Perigault
and Sabannah Paredes
Botton row: Sebastian Paredes and Dominique Montilione



 Pedro Perigault and his two daughters
Left: Santos Perigault Fernandez
Right: Emma Marcela Perigault Fernandez

Pedro Perigault

(Primo Hermano de Antonio Bolivar Perigault Burgos)
a brother of Enrique Perigault and Gabriel Perigault

Mejor conocido como: "Arturo Perigault"

Carmen Olga Palm (In the middle)
 (esposa de hilarion arturo perigault)

Sonia Perigault Palm,
su mama Doña Carmen Olga Palm (esposa de hilarion arturo perigault),
Fabian Falconette Perigault (hijo de sonia);





 Descendiente: Pedro Perigault (Primo Hermano de Antonio Bolivar Perigault Burgos)
Cesar Augusto Falconette Perigault
Hijo de:
Sonia Perigault Palm




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Thank you very much/Muchas gracias.

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